lunes, 6 de junio de 2016

Construct 2 plugin Cordova Socialsharing


Con mi plugin para Construct 2 podrás utilizar el widget para compartir de tu dispositivo o hacerlo directamente a Facebook y a Twitter.


With this plugin you can call the native sharing widget of your device, or sharing directly to Facebook and Twitter.

Works with:

cordova-plugin-x-socialsharing by EddyVerbruggen:

Acciones / Actions:


Parámetros de las acciones / Actions parameters:



Instructions and demo video

Links de descarga / Download links

  Construct 2 plugin:

DropBox: click here

Mediafire: click here

Demo .capx:

Dropbox: click here

Mediafire: click here

Demo .apk (arm):

Mediafire: click here


1 comentario:

  1. Hi, I tried using this plugin with cordova-plugin-x-socialsharing by EddyVerbruggen but it simply is not working, nothing happen on button clicks to share. Any idea?

    1) I have followed the youtube tutorial and made a Construct2 project from scratch, added plugin using Intel XDK and build apk using but the buttons simply do nothing.

    2) I also tried downloading .capx file provided by you, I added plugin using intel XDK and made apk using again the same problem, here is the link to the exported apk:

    Please note that I have placed the plugin in Construct2 as well so I do not think there is something I am missing here.