domingo, 8 de mayo de 2016

Construct 2 plugin Cordova PowerManagement


Con mi plugin para Construct 2 podrás tener acceso a las opciones de energía del dispositivo (evita que la pantalla se bloquee). En el vídeo encontrarás los detalles del mismo así como su funcionamiento y Demo.


With my new plugin for Construct 2 you can access to power management options of the device. See the instructions and a demo in the video.

Acciones / Actions:


Condición / Condition:


Instructions and demo video


Links de descarga / Download links

  Construct 2 plugin:

DropBox: click here

Mediafire: click here

Demo .capx:

Dropbox: click here

Mediafire: click here

Demo .apk (arm and x86):

Mediafire: click here


4 comentarios:

  1. Very great plugin, I really like it. Best one yet especially that it is updated unlike the cranberry plugins that are paid and outdated.

  2. Hello Jose! I wondered if you could help me in a difficulty I have in Construct 2. The application I'm developing becomes inactive when a smartphone's screen switches off. Is there any way to keep the application active even with the sleeping screen? My e-mail Thank you!